In pursuit of easier adventuring

Like most of the world, Common Tiger Co-Founder and CEO Laura Rogers found herself outdoors more in 2020. Front yards became living rooms, parking lots became restaurants, and neighborhood parks became a safe place to reconnect with her favorite people. But lugging around cheap, clunky, and uncomfortable chairs hardly made each outdoor meetup feel like an oasis. A treasure hunter at heart, Laura bought and returned dozens of chairs. She asked her friend—and soon to be Co-Founder—Ann Kono for ideas. The two looked to friends as well as perfect strangers for recommendations. Laura and Ann realized that the outdoor chair game hadn’t changed in decades, so they set out to transform it.

They had a simple goal: build a chair that lets you go where you want to go and stay where you want to stay. With a deep reverence for the environment, they knew their chair had to be seriously sustainable. Over the next three years, Common Tiger crafted the perfect chair to be out there. As they grew, COO Cara Moreno joined the team. While much has changed in the world over the last 3 years, Common Tiger is on a mission to help you make the outdoors your own.

Kind to people and the planet


    Our chairs are designed to come apart, so that if one part breaks, it can be repaired or replaced and then recycled.


    We build our chairs from GRS-standard fabrics, post-consumer recycled plastic, and recyclable aluminum. 


    We work with repair, recovery and recycling partners to keep our chairs out of the landfill after a lifetime of adventures.